Joo Hyun Young Revealed That Her Classmates Were Not Expecting To See Her On TV And Explains Why

Actor Joo Hyun Young has revealed the story behind the drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’.

In the fashion magazine AtStyle Beauty’s pictorial published on September 1st, Joo Hyun Young brightly revealed the filming site, exuding a fresh yet lovely charm.

In this pictorial, Joo Hyun Young not only showed her unique cute charm but also showed off her legs while wearing a mini skirt, thereby drawing more attention from her eyes.

Joo Hyun Young, who played the role of Won Won in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘ and completed the character of life. In an interview along with the photo shoot, she revealed that she made the greeting method ‘to the’, which has become a national buzzword.

Joo Hyun Young shared the behind-the-scenes story behind how she made the greeting, saying, “Big Bang seniors just flashed through my mind. When I was in school, ‘B to the A to the Bang Bang’ was popular, so I sang along to it a lot, but I was inspired to make it.”

Regarding the collaboration with the actors of ‘Woo Young-woo’, he boasted special chemistry, saying, “It was amazing how we could meet people who are so like each other in one work.The humor code suits each other well.” Then, she picked Ha Yoon Kyung as the best ‘gag guy’ among the actors of ‘Woo Young-woo’ and said, “The funnier person than me is ‘Spring Sunshine’ (Ha) Yoon-kyung, she’s really fun in private. It’s enough to hold your belly button and laugh.”

She also showed a special affection for Park Eun Bin, who showed ‘best chemistry’. Joo Hyun Young said, “Every time my sister finished one scene, everyone gave a standing ovation, her memorization ability to digest that large amount of words made no sense. It was a lot of luck,”.

Joo Hyun Young is showing off her overflowing talent and energy, not only as a circle with a strong personality, but also as a reporter, high school Iljin, and Japanese singer. When asked what kind of character she would show next to her, known as the ‘Bitch Maker’, she said, “Honestly, I’m exhausted right now, I’ve stolen all of my skills one by one. At that time, I was at a loss as to what to do.”

Contrary to his image of a ‘nuclear man’, she also revealed that she was a quiet student during her school days. Joo Hyun Young said, “When I was in school, my classmates said that they were very surprised when they saw me on TV,” and said, “With the words of those alumni, when I was in school, I spoke very quietly and had a true image of a student.”

Joo Hyun Young‘s candid interview and pictorial can be found in the September issue of AtStyle.



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