HyunA Who Suddenly Cried During Her Onstage Performance With Her Boyfriend Dawn Explains Why

Singer HyunA was caught crying during a performance while her contract with her agency P-Nation recently ended.

HyunA and Dawn performed on the stage of the ‘Sihwa MTV Turtle Island Music Festival’ held in Siheung, Gyeonggi Province on August 27th of last month. 

On this day, she shed tears while performing on the stage of ‘Bubble Pop’. Her boyfriend, Dawn, who was behind the stage, came up to the stage and comforted HyunA with hugs and kisses.

After finishing the ‘Bubble Pop’ stage, HyunA announced the stage with Dawn, saying, “I can’t go to ‘Ping Pong’ because it’s all of you.” HyunA, who was filled with her emotions, couldn’t stop her crying, and she trembled at her, saying, “I cry because of you.”

Dawn, who patted HyunA, said, “I think HyunA is overflowing with emotions because she has given you so much love. The HyunA I know is a friend who is very grateful for even the smallest things, so I am grateful to you all.” explained the reason for the pouring. HyunA and Dawn bowed their heads to greet the fans.

HyunA thanked her audience, saying, “I will repay you by dancing hard, performing hard, and living hard.”

HyunA and Dawn, who are in a public relationship, recently ended their contract with P-Nation, the agency headed by Psy. The two, who signed an exclusive contract with P-Nation side by side in 2019, will leave P-Nation together after three years.

P-Nation said, “Hyuna, Dawn, and Hyuna & Dawn embroidered the colors of P-Nation brilliantly with bold music and unique visuals and performances that only they can digest.

The agency added, “All members of P-Nation will cherish the pleasant memories they had with Hyuna and Dawn for a long time, and we will continue to support their future activities.”

HyunA released ‘Am Not Cool’ and ‘Navillera’, while Dawn was active with ‘Money’, ‘Dundee Red’, and ‘Stupid Cool’. The two released a duet song ‘Ping Pong’ under the name ‘Hyuna & Dawn’ and worked together.



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