How Are Netizens Reacting To Aespa’s Latest Jewelry Advertisement Photos

Aespa has become a hot topic because of the comments they received on their recent ad photos.

On September 1, a post about Aespa began trending on instiz‘ community board under the title, “Chopard put out pictures for AESPA!!“.

The netizen who posted said, “It kinda looks unfamiliar but they also came out looking so good“.

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

Hul is so beautiful… by the way, is that picture taken back then? The hair of Winter has changed.

>I believe it was filmed around the time of the Girls MV.

Hul is really cute.

It’s too bad about the design. They should have given everyone a clean look like Giselle, so the picture looks rather like a jewelry piece.

 Freaking pretty

Wow, Giselle looks great in this.

Giselle looks crazy

What is Karina doing? Goosebumps

Giselle looks freaking glamorous.. Gorgeous


All four of them work in different ways for this brand.

What are your thoughts on Aespa‘s ad photos?



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