BTS V Gets An Award For Being An Outstanding Taxpayer

BTS V received a commendation plaque from Goyang City as a meritorious taxpayer.

The city of Goyang announced on September 1st that it has selected and awarded a plaque of merit to those who have contributed to the city’s financial expansion by faithfully paying local taxes.

The award for conscientious taxpayers is designed to express gratitude to taxpayers who faithfully pay local taxes and to create a tax payment culture in which faithful taxpayers are respected and favored in the local community.

Sincere taxpayers are individuals and corporations who have faithfully paid local taxes that exceed a certain amount in the past three years. done.

BTS V was included among the three individuals of the meritorious taxpayer who were awarded the commendation plaque on this day. 

BTS V was unable to attend the summit, but his father shared the joy as his father won the award.

Lee Dong-hwan, Mayor of Goyang Special City, said, “The driving force behind Goyang is the taxes paid by sincere taxpayers. We will establish a culture where conscientious taxpayers are treated preferentially.”



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