Actress Song Ji Hyo Worries Fans With Her Recent Photos Looking Extremely Thin

Actress Song Ji-hyo showed off her slender body.

Song Ji-hyo posted a photo of her without a caption on her own Instagram on August 1st.

The picture shows Song Ji-hyo taking a break while drinking coffee. Song Ji-hyo is staring at the camera with a rather dazed expression as if she is immersed in her thoughts, or looking at the camera with deep eyes. Even when she was still, her beauty shone.

In particular, on this day, Song Ji-hyo wears a sleeveless outfit, and at this time, she boasts a slender body such as a slender arm line and collarbone, attracting her attention.

However, other fans became worried as soon as they saw the recent photos of the actress because of how thin she looked in them.

Fans expressed their worry by commenting, “Why did you get so thin?” ,”She lost so much weight,” “She is looking so bony,” and “She looks too skinny.

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo is currently appearing on SBSRunning Man“.



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