Netizens Debate On Idols Who Have The Best Looking Eye Smiles In The World

Red Velvet’s Joy and TXT’s Soobin have become hot topics because of some of their photos showing their smile.

On August, a post about Joy and Soobin began trending on enter-talk‘ community board under the title, “Joy and Soobin are the leading idols with the eye smiles.“.

The netizen who posted said, “Soobin as well as Joy have had the best eye smiles of any male and female idols, in my opinion. Both of them fit any idea, are very tall and thin, and have faces that are just my style.“

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

Joy’s and Soobin’s eye smiles are also pretty, but I think Tiffany’s is the best. Yes, they are all pretty, but Tiffany started the eye-smile trend in the idol world, so.

I save it each moment I see him smile.

Soobin has a nice smile.

If you think about what Eye Smile stands for in the idol world, Tiffany and Taeyang come to mind.

So many strange people live here. Still, Joy and Soobin always have good luck.

Tiffany, Sulli, and Joy are the SM eye-smile family tree.

Yes, Tiffany came up with the idea of eye smile…


Who do you think has the best eye smile?



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