MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Originally Wanted to Be a Singer, Not a Rapper

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul appeared in “The Second World“.

In the JTBC entertainment show “The Second World,” which aired for the first time on August 30, Kim Yu Bin, Shin Ji Min, Moonbyul, Mimi, Exy, JooE, Moon Sua, and Kim Seon Yu broke their stereotypes by going back to the solo stage.

Moonbyul of MAMAMOO said on this day, “I’ve been on a lot of stages as MAMAMOO, but I haven’t done much standing alone, so I think I’ll be very nervous.”

She said, “When I first joined MAMAMOO, I auditioned as a singer, then as a dancer, and when I got there, I was asked to do rap, which I didn’t expect. At the time, rap wasn’t my favorite genre, so I didn’t like it “.

She went on, “At first, it hurt my heart to start rapping in a way that I didn’t like.”

She said, “I put out 5 solo albums, but most people thought that even if I put out a solo album, it would be a rap song. I don’t think they’d even listen to a rapper. I’d like to break that. I want people to remember Moonbyul‘s song and not think of her as a girl group rapper“.

The entertainment show “The Second World” on JTBC is a survival show where rappers from Korea’s most popular girl group compete as artists against the public’s prejudices.



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