Netizens Defend TWICE’s Jeongyeon From Body Shaming Comments

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon just proved that weight doesn’t make a person beautiful. Recent viral videos of the popular singer performing “Talk That Talk” on stage have made her a hot topic.

On August 28, a critical post about Jeongyeon began trending on Nate‘s community board Pann under the title, “TWICE’s Jeongyeon Body Weight Is Double“.

On the post, Jeongyeon‘s black pants from her stage outfit could be seen. Also, it was clear that she had put on weight.

Some openly made body-shaming comments about the idol.

Her fans and followers were quick to say that there was nothing wrong with Jeongyeon’s curvier body.

Netizens think that Jeongyeon is living proof that weight doesn’t define beauty.

Also, other Netizens have mixed feelings about her recent stage performance, and some of them worry about her health.

When she looks like that, I don’t think she should be on stage. Instead, she should be resting.

I’ve always thought that, but the cordi is too much… Jeongyeon was sick and gained some weight, but they can definitely dress her more safely. Since her legs and arms aren’t as fat as her stomach, they can just make her wear something that isn’t too short or too tight and that covers her stomach. She could have been much more beautiful. She dressed her in a way that showed off all of her flaws. No matter what, it’s scary to see people talk about a sick kid in that way. The cordi just doesn’t seem to know how to dress people well in general. I hope she learns more and dresses in a safer way.

Already, you jerks, cut it down. Even as a non-fan like me, I’m getting fed up. Right now, look at yourself in the mirror. She’s sick, do you want to act that way? Why do you even have a body?

Our Jeongyeon, us Once are so happy that you’re able to appear with OT9 Twice <3

If she’s able to move up now, I think she’s healthy enough. All she has to do is start taking care of her body again, right?

Isn’t it better for her to just stay in bed? I know she’s sick, but she keeps showing up and working like that. She probably thinks it’s best for her to go to all of her appointments, but it must be hard on her as well. I think Jeongyeon must also feel that the other members have to make room for her.

People have been f*cking mean to Liz, but they talk about how sick Jeongyeon is all the time. If she was sick, do you think she’d be able to dance like that on stage in such tight clothes?

So we shouldn’t touch her because she’s sick, but it’s okay for fans to beat up a young kid for the same reason? That kind of fandom is really gross.

What are your thoughts on the post about Jeongyeon?



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