Uee Shows Off Her Jaw-Dropping Sexy Body In Latest Instagram Update

Uee, a former member of the group After School, showed off her best body shape.

On August 28th, Uee posted her bodybuilder profile on her own Instagram account. Along with her picture, Uee wrote, “It’s one of the good things about being a representative“.

In her photo, Uee is wearing a bodysuit and showing off her S-line body. Uee surprises with her lean body and toned thighs.

Also, she wears only her underwear and puts on her jacket to create a chic atmosphere. I can’t take my eyes off her Uee‘s deadly eyes and visuals.

Meanwhile, Uee appeared in the tvN drama “Ghost Doctor”, which ended in February.

She also revealed in an entertainment show last year that she gained 8 kg after dieting, and she recently opened a cafe.



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