Netizens Obtained Another Strong Proof That Could Prove BTS V And BLACKPINK Jennie Dating Allegations To Be True

A private photo of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie’s dating rumors has been leaked again.

On August 25th, selfie photos of people presumed to be V and Jennie spread on various social media and online communities.

The men and women in the photo created a subtle couple look with a white T-shirt and baggy pants of different colors.

A woman, presumed to be Jennie, is taking a selfie of her with her cell phone in one hand and her face half-covered.

In particular, the reason this photo is presumed to be V and Jennie is because of the background in the photo. 

The place seen in front of the front door is V’s house, where V often posts selfies, and it is speculated that the location of the door and emergency exit, and the shape of the floor interior are similar.

While photos of a couple presumed to be V and Jennie from Jeju Island to the waiting room are being released one after another, the two sides are still silent about the dating rumors.

On the other hand, V departed for New York for a photo shoot on August 24th, and Jennie boarded a plane to New York for the MTV Awards schedule with the Blackpink members that day.



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