Former Child Actress Jin Ji Hee Finally Graduates From College With Flying Colors

Actress Jin Ji Hee released a photo of her university graduation ceremony.

On August 25th, Jin Ji Hee posted on Instagram, “Graduation ceremony ♥ Praise myself for living hard. I learned a lot while at Dongguk University’s Department of Theater! “.

She added, “I will finally graduate with the good teachings of the professor and the good memories I had with my precious friends. Congratulations. Thank you to everyone who did it!“.

She also posted a picture of her wearing a bachelor’s cap. Jin Ji Hee wore her graduation gown and exuded her mature beauty.

Still, she caught her attention by showing off her lovely visuals that were the same as when she was a child.

Born in 1999, Jin Ji Hee debuted in the 2003 KBS drama “Yellow Handkerchief“. In 2009, she made her public mark on the MBC sitcom “High Kick Through the Roof“, where she was greatly loved for making her buzzword “Pangkotongkoo“. Last year she starred in the SBSPenthouse” series.



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