Kim Nam Ho Reveals His Most Private Thoughts About Kim Seon Ho In Latest Instagram Update

The daily life of Kim Seon-ho has been shown.

Kim Nam-ho, a musical actor, recently wrote on his Instagram, “When was the last time I saw you perform? I’m very happy and excited to see you. When you went back home, you were still shining “.

When I watch ‘Touching the Void‘, I feel like I’m talking about you all the time.
So, as I watched, all I could think was, ‘Kim Seon-ho is Kim Seon-ho‘. The show was really great
“, he said so.

Also, Kim Nam-ho said, “After the show, it was so nice and warm to have a meal after waiting for a long time. It was so hard to make the time, and I didn’t even think about eating outside, but we went to a good restaurant and ate delicious food together“.

He added, “I told them what I thought, and I thought, ‘Yeah, this is how people live!’ From now on, let’s move more slowly! Let’s see and feel a lot and move on together (of course, I need to run a little faster, don’t I?)“.

Let’s safely finish the rest of the performance and then go take care of ourselves when it’s over. A well-done show… Thank you for letting me talk to you “, he said.

Touching the Void“, Kim Seon-ho‘s return play, is about a huge snowstorm, a fear that is trapped in cold Mother Nature, and a lifelong fight to get rid of the fear.



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