BTS V And BLACKPINK Jennie Who Almost Have The Same Schedule Of Travelling To The US Made Their Dating Rumors Spark Again

BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie, who are the main characters of dating rumors, go to the same place.

BTS V went to New York, USA using Incheon International Airport on the morning of August 24th, and all Blackpink members board a plane to New York on the afternoon of August 25th.

The fact that V and Jennie, the main characters of the dating rumors, are heading to New York, USA with a day difference is attracting attention. 

It is reported that V’s departure this time was made to digest the photo shoot schedule. BLACKPINK members will also enter the country sequentially after completing their American schedule.

V and Jennie were rumored to be dating in May when sightings and photos were shared on Jeju Island, and then on August 23rd, it was believed that they were in the waiting room together, raising the same suspicions again.

Behind the photo of a man who looks like V, the woman taking the picture looked similar to Jennie, and the clothes, accessories, and cell phone model she was wearing were the same as Jennie’s, supporting their dating rumors.

Big Hit Music and YG Entertainment did not take any position regarding the dating rumors.



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