Netizens Say NMIXX And Kep1er Might Not Get The Rookie Award This Year

Competition is tough for new girl groups. South Korea is getting harder as more and more strong candidates join the race.

This group has received considerable attention from netizens, particularly IVE, Kep1er, NMIXX, LE SSERAFIM, and NewJeans. Each has a chance to win a rookie award, but neither NMIXX nor Kep1er are viewed favorably by netizens.

On August 23, a post about NMIXX And Kep1er began trending on Nate‘s community board Pann under the title, “Are there no chances this year that KEP1ER or NMIXX will win the Rookie Award?“.

The netizen who posted wrote, IVE, NewJeans, and LE SSERAFIM are very powerful…“.

The netizen added, “This year, the excitement surrounding girl groups has been too intense, which is a concern… I wish that NMIXX and Kep1er would receive a rookie award or any other prize…“.

Other netizens quickly responded with comments such as:

Yeah, no.

Most likely, Kep1er will get one at MAMA.

If they decide to give a joint award to four groups, NMIXX could be one of them. Golden Disk. Also, the Seoul Music Award gives out three awards, and there’s a chance they might give out four this year.

Kep1er will get the one at MAMA.

Kep1er is likely to win the “Next Generation Award” at the MAMAs.

Even if they got one, I don’t think anyone would talk about it.

NMIXX are really good, though.

2022 was way too exciting.

NMIXX ㅠㅠㅠ When you look at their results, it’s a shame, but there’s nothing they can do about it. Fans can still work hard to vote, though. You guys are the best, in my opinion.

Because IVE, NewJeans, and Le Sserafim are too strong, I don’t think they’ll give one to them.

What are your thoughts on the post about NMIXX And Kep1er?



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