Netizens Say Bae Suzy’s Visuals Fit The KWANGYA Concept So Well

Bae Suzy has become a hot topic because of her AI-like visuals.

On August 21, a critical post about Suzy began trending on Instiz‘s community board under the title, “WILL SUZY ALSO GO TO KWANGYA?“.

The netizen who posted wrote, “She looked like an AI in pictures taken by reporters“.

As we all know, Suzy‘s looks have always been the talk of the town when it comes to K-Pop.

People love her visuals so much that they say they look like CGI. Many people say that she is so beautiful that it’s impossible for her to be human.

Meanwhile, other netizens quickly responded with comments such as:

Wow, Bae Suzy‘s looks are crazy ㅠㅠ

Wow, she is so freaking beautiful that it’s crazy. She looks amazing with those bangs, wow.

Wow, the second picture is an AI.

Ah… In the second picture, she looks like she just got to Kwangya. I thought the title was meant to get people to click on it… I agree with this.

She looks like a character from a role-playing game, but she’s even more beautiful than those. Suzy is her name.

How does this person look so good?

When I think of AI, I really think of this.

The second picture is a clear AI.

Wow, Suzy is so beautiful… She looks great with that lip color.


What do you think about the article about Suzy?



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