BLACKPINK’s Jennie & BTS V’s Dating Rumors Resurface Once Again Based On This Photo, And No One Knows Where It Came From

There are new rumors that BTS’ V and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie are dating.

This time, a single photo was the reason why people thought they were dating. On August 23, a photo of V and Jennie, which was found on a social networking site, led people to think that they were in the same place.

In what looks like a waiting room, a man assumed to be V is getting his hair styled by the staff. A woman who looked like Jennie took a picture of this.

The man’s face is completely open, like V, and the woman looks like Jennie, even though her face is partially covered by her phone.

Some Internet users pointed out that Jennie was wearing the same outfit as the woman in the photo. They did this by showing a picture from the same day that was taken somewhere else.

Jennie once took a picture of her on her set. She was wearing a blue cardigan from the French brand Maison Kitsunes.

The fact that the woman in the photo was wearing the same bracelet as Jennie and that Jennie and her cell phone model were the same also showed that they were talking about the same thing.

Still, no one knows where the picture that made people think that V and Jennie were dating came from. Allegations have been raised that Jennie’s private Instagram account photos were leaked.

Photos of V and Jennie on Jeju Island led to rumors that they were dating before. People shared photos and texts and said they saw V and Jennie on Jeju Island last May.

At the time, V had just been on Jeju Island, and it was said that the accessories the woman in the photo was wearing were the same as the sunglasses Jennie was wearing, which added to the thought that they were dating.

Neither HYBE nor YG Entertainment, which represent V and Jennie, have said anything about this.



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