Netizens Notice A Visual Change In Recent Photos of ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon

Netizens couldn’t help but notice a visual change in ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon.

On August 21, a post about Sunghoon began trending on Nate’s community board Pann under the title, “Did ENHYPEN Sunghoon’s Face Got Bigger?????“.

The netizen wrote in the post, “He used to look good on I-land, but the blank space on his face seems to have gotten bigger. His cheekbones look like they are getting bigger“.

The netizen added, “I thought maybe the pictures were just bad, but his face looks very big even on video. During I-Land, he was really at his best, but now he’s in trouble because his face keeps getting bigger“.

“I don’t even think his face can win against Stray Kids”

Meanwhile, other netizens quickly responded with comments such as:

– I have no idea why people call him a “visual”.

– Not that it matters, but isn’t he not very good as an MC? When people say how bad he is as an MC, his fans always point out all the other good things he does and ask, “Why are you only looking at this (MC)?” and making stuff up; He’s not very good, that’s true. He also made mistakes, stuttered, and even skipped parts of the script more than once. I think Music Bank has never gone without making a mistake when I’m watching him for my bias… Also, the fans should stop blocking.

– I think Sunoo is more handsome than him these days.

Sunoo‘s face isn’t getting bigger.

– He makes me tilt my head because I don’t even find him attractive on Music Bank.

– I feel like his cheekbones are growing.

– He’s the worst MC Music Bank has ever had. He’s just bad all around.

What are your thoughts on the post about Sunghoon?



4 Comments on “Netizens Notice A Visual Change In Recent Photos of ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon”

  1. ofc it’s changing, his body is maturing, everyone. he’s entering the adult phase right? please be careful of what’re u saying. u can’t even compared yourselves to him. HE HAD A TALENT, HE’S HANDSOME, VERY VERY HANDSOME, CHARMING AND CHARISMATIC ICE PRINCE.

    1. I don’t think people should attack someone’s look, on top of that he is a fine man but he sure is a terrible MC tho. I’ve never seen an MC that is terrible at MCing than him. I hope music shows would only start hiring those idols that are good because there are alot out there. Music shows aren’t a place for MC to grow from 0 to 10, it ain’t a survival show.

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