BLACKPINK’s Rosé is the Youngest Sulwhasoo’s Newest Endorser, Netizens Reacts Positively

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé surprised the world of social media with her new look as the latest endorser of Sulwhasoo.

On August 21, a post about Rosé began trending on Nate’s community board Pann under the title, “So Rosé And Sulwhasoo’s collaboration was realㄷㄷ“.

The netizen who posted wrote, “Sulhwasoo is attempting to portray a youthful image; she resembles Hera and is a good fit for this. As expected, the more you criticize BlackPink, the greater their success will be. They are very awesome“.

The netizen added, “Numerous individuals commented that Rosé is a perfect fit for Homeplus, and as a result, the company’s sales have increased significantly and their contract has been renewed. Rosé‘s distinctive image is utilized on each of her brands, thus it is only natural that people would want to contact her“.

The netizen also clarified that Song Hye Kyo is still part of the brand, “Song Hye Kyo is still the model for Sulhwasoo, but Rosé has been added to the Sulhwasoo line, according to those who are misunderstood“.

Meanwhile, other netizens quickly responded with positive comments:

Hera‘s image definitely got younger when Jennie became an endorser. Now, a lot of people in their 20s use Hera.

Rosé is really great. She has worked for Saint-Laurent, OiOi, Tiffany & Co., Yves Saint-Laurent Beauty, Homeplus, and Sulhwasoo, among other places.

Wow, it looks like BP works with Amore a lot. Hera with Jennie, Mise en Scene with the whole of BP, and now Sulhwasoo with Rosé.

Why do people feel like they’re better than her because she’s with Sulhwasoo? It’s not like Sulhwasoo is a makeup brand, and Rosé is known to have really good skin. She fits the part perfectly. And isn’t it a good thing that she’s making the brand look younger?

But she’s really awesome. Not many people can get that many brands, so she must be getting a lot of love calls, right? At that age, she’s already at the top of her field, but how much further can she go? She has such a great life.

What are your thoughts on the post about Rosé?



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