What Netizens Say About “Today’s Webtoon” Extremely Low Viewership Ratings Despite Having Kim Sejeong

Kim Sejeong and Nam Yoon Soo‘s “Today’s Webtoon” on SBS is not gaining as much attention as anticipated.

The sixth episode of “Today’s Webtoon” on SBS, which aired on August 13th, received an average national rating of 2.8%, according to Nielsen Korea.

This is not only the lowest rating for the drama, but also the lowest rating for a Friday-Saturday drama produced by SBS since February 2015.

Today’s Webtoon” is declining in popularity despite the fact that Kim Sejeong, who became a “reliable actor” after achieving success in OCN‘s “The Uncanny Counter” and SBS‘s “Business Proposal“, plays the major part.

On August 20, a post about Today’s Webtoon began trending on TheQoo‘s community board under the title, “SBS Friday-Saturday Drama On The Verge To Hit 1%“.

The netizen then listed the following ratings from Episode 1 to 8:

Nationwide / Metropolitan Area

Ep.1 4.1 / 4.0 🔺️Best
Ep.2 3.1 / 3.0
Ep.3 3.6 / 3.6
Ep.4 3.1 / 3.6
Ep.5 3.4 / 3.7
Ep.6 2.8 / ???
Ep.7 2.5 / ???
Ep.8 2.2 / ??? đź”»Lowest

The netizen added, “It seems that the drama is not getting enough support from the original fans“.

Meanwhile, other netizens quickly responded with comments such as:

It’s really boring ă… ă… .

The acting… Is not that really good.

The story is interesting, but the actors don’t stand out.

It’s fun, but the main male character is such a bad actor… I have no idea what he wants to say ă…  I need subtitles.

It’s boring, the characters aren’t very interesting, and neither is the acting.

I thought this would be a home run because Kim Sejeong‘s last drama was a big hit.

They really can’t match the style of the original work.

I can’t watch the male lead or female lead act because it makes me cringe.

I can’t watch Kim Sejeong for very long because her acting is so fake.

I’m not trying to say anything good about the Japanese version, but it’s so dull.

They made a new version based on the Japanese one and probably thought it would do well, but it’s so stupid that I hope they stop….

It’s boring as hell

They all act the same, which is boring.

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