How Are Netizens Reacting To Chen’s Return To Stage With EXO

Chen, a member of the idol group EXO, met fans after a long time through SM Entertainment‘s concert.

EXO’s Chen appeared at the SM Entertainment concert “SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU [email protected] CITY_SUWON” held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on August 20th and focused everyone’s attention.

Chen, who met domestic fans after about three years since the EXO concert “EXO PLANET #5 -EXplOration[dot]-” held in 2019, smiled happily and waved his hands in the audience seat, trying to make eye contact with the fans.

Meanwhile, it turns out that not everyone is happy about Chen‘s return and is still blaming him about the groups “fading” success.

On August 20, a critical post about Chen began trending on Nate’s community board Pann under the title, “How the light stick responded when Chen and other EXO members showed up was different“.

The netizen who posted wrote, “Not just the fans, but almost all of the other light sticks were also out“.

The netizen added, “But when other members showed up, the light sticks were turned on again“.

Other netizens quickly responded with comments with harsh reactions:

Why is he out singing when he should be at home taking care of his kid? Just take your wife to the norebang.

If I were him, I’d cry all the way home.

Even though his fans knew he was dating, they didn’t say anything, so he probably thought he could get away with getting married.

Because of him, their new album didn’t work out. Then he had to make his announcement between the birthdays of D.O. and Kai. Then, the next day, they couldn’t talk about it at a member’s musical press conference. Even fans of other members left the fandom in the end, which cut it in half. Even the comments in the solos of other members were full of jokes about the members. Then they were called the “married-dols,” and the other members of the group couldn’t even do the encore at music shows. Even as a group, EXO couldn’t go to other broadcasts. Even in the past, he was always fighting with his fans over his girlfriend, just to tell them he was getting married without even apologizing. Then he ran away to join the army, and in December he will get married. Not even 7 months went by before he got pregnant before he got married. And while he was pregnant before he was married, he had the nerve to put out an album. He gets married, goes to a concert, and asks people to congratulate him on his wedding while he is pregnant before the wedding. Even the fans are giving him trouble right now. This is just EXO-L‘s response to Jong Daddy’s attack.

That’s right, if you want to feed your kids, you have to make money. But since he makes money because of his fans, this must have been a very important day for him.

Ah f*ck Jongdae yah please screw off.. At this point, we’re begging you. Ok? Go solo, and we’ll back you up. Please go away.

Wow, the legendary way of thinkingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

I used to like EXO, but why did Chen turn out to be like that? Really, that’s a shame.

What are your thoughts on the post about Chen‘s return?



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  1. I really think that fans shouldn’t be bothered about the personal life of any should stop being obsessive about their idols,the idols also have feelings like us fans so why is it that getting married is a bad thing?as fans we are supposed to wish for our idols to be happy and support them in anything that makes them happy.The relationship between an idol and a fan should be give and support, they give us great music,inspire us,motivate us ,be there for us in our darkest days,all of that but all they ask from us is support . I’m a female exo-l and I wish for exo to be happy

  2. It has been normalized in k-culture to obsess over idols, male or female, doesn’t matter. the companies encourage this and fan-wars to boost sales. This has gone so far that they don’t sue the sasaengs who harass and bully their artists, some to the point of suicide. It will take years for these K-fans to learn and grow from being such mindless puppets of the ent. companies. Even longer, if the companies don’t stop encouraging this behavior and normalize their idols dating.

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