BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Shares Message of Self-Love In Birthday Post, Celebrates with Jo Se Ho and Close Friends

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon posted a picture of emotional text.

G-Dragon posted a picture on his Instagram on August 21st without any caption.

In the photo, G-Dragon‘s recent status was posted several times, and G-Dragon stated in the photo “TO. Kwon Ji Yong“.

He said, “I’m doing well, and everything will be fine. you are making it But… you too should rest. Live for you, the world won’t fall apart without you. You all know how to go back. Look at nature. Humans are really small beings, don’t overdo it“.

G-Dragon posted a picture with words full of emotion, and his face was reminded of red, and he took a pose in which he drew a V.

G-Dragon also released photos of his birthday party with his acquaintances and entertainer Jo Se Ho. He also completed his aura by wearing a suit and looking down with a cigarette in his mouth.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG, to which G-Dragon belongs, released a new song “Still Life” in April.



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