HyunA Shocks Everyone By Saying That She Didn’t Want To Talk About Her Boyfriend Dawn

Singer HyunA said she wanted to stop talking about her boyfriend, singer Dawn.

On August 19th, a video of Lee Youngji and HyunA together was posted on the YouTube channel ‘I have nothing to wear’.

In her video, Lee Youngji tried to ease HyunA’s mind by saying, “Today, let’s just drink and play.

HyunA said, “I came out because of that,” and said, “I wondered when I might be able to drink with my sister again.”

To this, Lee Young-ji said, “Isn’t that going to happen? It’s her 15th year since her debut?” Hyuna was surprised and said, “Once, half of them were Dawn”, referring to her boyfriend, singer Dawn.

Lee Young-ji showed interest, saying, “Let’s listen to that story in detail.” Then HyunA said, “Take that with him, call him and listen to him,” she refused.

When Lee Young-ji asked, “Honestly, are you a little bored?HyunA answered, “I want to stop talking about that. It’s annoying,”.

At HyunA’s words, Lee Young-ji asked, “I’m sorry, but didn’t you come here for a drink?” She made everyone laugh.



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