HyunA In Her Swimsuit Turned The Beach Into Her Personal Runway

HyunA reported on her recent trip to the sea.

On August 19th, singer HyunA posted several photos through her own Instagram. She did not captioned the photo.

In her published photos, HyunA is wearing her bikini and having a good time on her beach. HyunA’s fresh visuals, with her hair tied high in her bikini and her jeans shorts, catches her attention.

Then, in her published photos, HyunA is resting in her tent wearing her dress and her innocent atmosphere also attracts attention.

Meanwhile, HyunA’s new mini-album ‘Navillera‘ was released on July 20 at 6 pm through various online music sites.

 ‘Navillera‘ is her solo album released by HyunA after 1 year and 6 months. HyunA expressed both the freshness of her tangy cherry and the free flap of a butterfly’s wings.



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