Ahn Bo Hyun Shares His Precious Moments With Kim Woo Bin And What’s It Like To Have Him As A Friend

Ahn Bo-hyun revealed his relationship with Kim Woo-bin.

In the 13th episode of tvN’s entertainment show ‘Backpacker‘, which was aired on August 18, Baek Jong-won, Oh Dae-hwan, Ahn Bo-hyun, and Din-Din went on a business trip to Cheongsong Prison (currently Gyeongbuk Northern Second Prison).

On this day, Ahn Bo-hyun suffered from loneliness while working alone in his kitchen. 

After a while, Ahn Bo-hyun, who joined the crowd following Baek Jong-won‘s instructions to cut the ingredients, spoke friendlyly to Lee Ho-cheol, a daily packer next to him.

Their theme is Daegu, the hometown of Lee Ho-cheolAhn Bo-hyun said that he also lived in Daegu for three years, and he said, “I went to school in Gyeongsan with Woo-bin (Kim Woo-bin) and majored in modeling at Daekyung University,”.

In addition, he said that Kim Woo-bin was very lonely for a long time which made him share many stories such as dramas, acquaintances, and hometowns, causing small laughs.



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