Actor Son Seok Koo Treats Himself to a Hearty “Cheat Meal” with a Double Patty Burger

Actor Son Seok-koo shared a pleasant daily life.

On August 18, Son Seok-koo wrote on his Instagram, “I only ate double patties every day, but it was the first time I ordered a single, and they served double as a service. I eat burger honey by myself after work even if I’m full“, and the photo was made public.

In the photo that was made public, Son Seok-koo is sitting alone in a big fast food restaurant and eating a hamburger. Kang Hae Sang, who was probably written by the same people who did the service.

Give it as a double patty” is a catchy phrase that makes people want to look at it. In the movie “The Roundup”, Son Seok-koo plays a character named Kang Hae Sang.

Meanwhile, Son Seok-koo has become a “popular actor” with the drama “My Liberation Notes” and the movie “The Roundup”.

He continues his “hard work” by confirming his appearances in the Disney+ drama “Casino“, the Netflix original series “DP Season 2“, and “Murderer’s O’Danger“.



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