Netizens Notice A Resemblance Between NewJeans’s Danielle And Actress Kim Yoo Jung

Danielle, a member of the rookie girl group NewJeans, is attracting attention for his resemblance to actor Kim Yoo-jung.

Recently, an online community responded that member Danielle resembles actor Kim Yoo-jung.

Daniel captured the attention of netizens with his small face, clear eyes and a tall nose.

Netizens showed reactions such as “Your eyes are really similar”, “I thought as soon as I saw them”, “I have a real feeling”, “I feel like Kim Yoo-jung and Jeon So-mi”, and “They really look alike when they smile”.

On the other hand, NewJeans has created a sensation in the music industry since their debut in August.

According to Doorre on the 15th, the Initial Chodong (the album sales in the week after release) of NewJeans‘ debut album ‘NewJeans‘ was 312,271 copies.

It is the highest record among the debut albums of a girl group.

NewJeans sold 262,815 copies within one day of releasing the album, ranking first in the history of the girl group based on the first day of their debut album.



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