Hwasa In Her White Knitwear And Jeans Proves That Sexiness Is Possible Even In Most Simplest Outfit

Even though everything is covered, Hwasa, who is sexy, and has a large luxury bag that is 10 times the size of her face, is rather disappointing.

Hwasa recently posted a photo on Instagram with the hashtag “Advertising” while tagging the luxury brand Company L.

In the photo, Hwasa is wearing white knitwear and jeans. She looks chic with sunglasses on. 

Even though she is wearing long sleeves and long jeans, Hwasa’s sexy and charismatic charm shines even more.

The bag in the photo of Hwasa is priced at 6.2 million won on the Company L website.

Meanwhile, Hwasa is receiving love from viewers through programs such as MBC’s ‘Home Alone‘.



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