Netizens Think IVE’s Jang Won Young is Taller Than Her Listed Height

Netizens are going crazy over how model-like IVE member Jang Won-young looks.

She is said to be 173cm tall, but netizens think she is taller. On an online community board, a number of photos of Jang Won-young with her long, thin legs and beautiful face were posted.

The idol star’s baby face isn’t the only thing that makes fans fall in love with her.

Even though she looks normal height if you only look at her small face, the difference is clear when you compare her to other people.

Jang Won-young is showing up in a lot of pictures, which backs up the fact that she is tall.

Rain (185cm)

Jang Sung Kyu (187cm)

Furuya Masayuki (179cm)

Yoon Hoo (172.7cm)

Even so, people continue to assert that Jang Wonyoung lied on her profile and that, based on the heights of other male idols, she must be 180cm tall.

Other netizens quickly responded with comments such as:

“This is the real deal. How can people claim that she is 180 when they are all standing upright and there is such a large gap between them? ㅠ Stop hating on your own oppaㅠ”

“She is extremely thin and her proportions are rock solid. Due to her physique, she appears tall when standing alone”

“Add this”

“I believe that Jang Won-young is between 174 and 175, yes. Since there are numerous male idols in their early to mid-170s today, the average age of male idols has increased”

“Just by looking at this, you can tell that the only reason she looks tall is because her proportions are so off. The most likely number is 170, and she really does look the same”

“You can take 10 cm off the height of male idols”

“Then he is for real”

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