“Single’s Inferno” Song Jia Jazzes Up Her High-Waisted Jeans With Some Chanel

Song Jia told what was going on.

On August 13, in the afternoon, YouTuber Song Jia posted a few photos to her own Instagram.

In the photo that was put out there, Song Jia is wearing an off-the-shoulder dress that shows off her slim shoulders.

She also showed off a boat that was flat and made of wood. People also admire how beautiful Song Jia is. Taking a break makes her look even more beautiful.

She is also showing that she still likes to spend money on nice things. She made herself look more expensive by wearing a belt with the Chanel logo on it.

While Song Jia was getting popular on Netflix’s entertainment show “Single’s Inferno,” she got involved in a scandal about fake luxury goods, which caused her to stop what she was doing.

She just recently made a comeback, and she’s talking to her fans on SNS and YouTube.



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