How Are Netizens Reacting To NEWJEANS “HYPE BOY” Special Performance Video

NewJeans has become a hot topic again after releasing their “Hype Boy” special performance music video.

On August 13, a post about NewJeans began trending on TheQoo‘s community board under the title, “NEWJEANS ‘HYPE BOY’ Special Performance Video“.

In the post, the Netizen embedded the video without any caption.

In their special performance music video, NewJeans perform in front of an airplane hangar. “Hype Boy” is a track from the girl group’s first EP album, whose title track was “Cookie“.

Other netizens quickly responded with comments:

“The way Hanni and Minji dress is so good, and everyone looks so pretty and new. They were good”

“The song is great, but the outfits were too dark and made them look stuffy. Let’s wear something brighter”

“They’re the only idols I follow these days”

“Danielle’s fashion sense is stunning”

“They’ve recently become the joy of my life”

“This is so addictive that I can’t stop listening to it”

“The maknae is extremely fashionable”

“They sing well, and they’re attractive and refreshing. NewJeans is completely insane.”

“The maknae is insanely cool. I adore hyein”

“They performed admirably. Hyein is awesome”

What are your thoughts on the post about NewJeans’?



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