Fan-Taken Photos Of ENHYPEN’s Heeseung At “Seoul Festa 2022” Have ENGENEs Shook With His Visuals IRL

ENHYPEN’s Heeseung has become a hot topic because of real life visuals.

On August 12, a post about Heeseung began trending on Nate‘s community board Pann under the title, “ENHYPEN Heeseung’S Fan-Taken Photos At Seoul Festa 2022“.

In the post, the Netizen wrote, “Even though the weather was bad at Seoul Festa, the pictures on the fan site are too pretty. Heeseung can’t take pretty selcas, so I’m glad there are fansite for him“.

Recently, ENHYPEN was the opening act for the Seoul Festa 2022 festival, and Heeseung‘s visuals have ENGENEs going crazy.

As usual, the group’s performance was impressively lively. Each member got praise that they deserved, but Heeseung was one of the ones who stood out the most. He didn’t just give a strong performance.

But he may have also stolen the show with the way he looked like a god. Heeseung seemed to be able to pull off every look, whether it was cute or sexy.

Even though ENGENEs already know he has the best looks, he still managed to surprise people with how he looked in real life.

Meanwhile, other netizens also responded with comments such as:

“I like Heeseung so much these days”

“The way Heeseung looks at and talks to his fans is so sweet. When he looks at the fans, you can see the whole world in his eyes”

“I just watched I-Land, and Heeseung is such a nice kid.”

“He looks great in those pictures, but this isn’t even half as good as he looks in real life.”

“I’m just waiting for this one to be really good…”

“He doesn’t belong to this world”

It was funny that it seemed like the only thing people who saw him thought was “Woah.”

They can’t be blamed, of course, because all the pictures fans took of his performance at Seoul Festa 2022 show that his visuals are really on another level.



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