Actress Lee Yeon Hee Surprises Fans With New, Short Hairstyle

Lee Yeon-hee shared her weekend daily life.

On August 13th, actress Lee Yeon-hee posted a few pictures through her own Instagram. She did not add any captions to the photo.

In the published photo, Lee Yeon-hee went out wearing a comfortable T-shirt, long pants, and sneakers. Styling with a ball cap and an eco bag accentuates his simple charm.

In particular, Lee Yeon-hee‘s shortened hairstyle in the photo attracts attention.

Meanwhile, Lee Yeon-hee married a non-celebrity who is 2 years older than her in 2020.

She also recently appeared in Kakao TV‘s original series “Welcome to Wedding Hell”.

Welcome to Wedding Hell” is a realistic romance that unfolds in the process of marriage preparation of a couple in their 30s, who seemed to be the beginning of happiness after hard work, like a happy ending in a fairy tale.



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