Lee Hyori Enjoys Her Vacation In Jeju Islands

The current situation of singer Lee Hyori was revealed.

Lee Hyori‘s older sister posted on her own Instagram account on August 11th, “Today is a sea dive with Hyori’s aunt,” and a video.

In the published video, Lee Hyori is wearing a pink bikini and enjoying water play in the sea.

She had her nephews by her side. Lee Hyori, an ‘aunt’ who plays well with her nieces and nephews, is attracting attention.

In addition, Hyori’s sister said, “Hyori and I. A peaceful Jeju night. Tonight is Hyori’s house. In a dark night, there is only the bright moon and the sound of crickets. Check in! Everyone has a younger brother like this, right?” She also shared her daily life with Lee Hyori during her Jeju trip.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori is married to singer Lee Sang Soon, and she lives in Jeju.



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