A Person Claiming To Be Kim Garam Releases Her First Statement Regarding Her School Violence Controversy

Kim Garam, who left the idol group LE SSERAFIM, opened up about the controversy over school violence.

On the morning of August 11th, Kim Garam opened her mouth for the first time since her departure from LE SSERAFIM through the Instagram of her acquaintance Mr. A.

On this day, Kim Ga-ram said, “Hello, this is Kim Garam. I want to say sorry first. It’s too late, but I haven’t had a chance to tell you my opinion. I worked hard for my dream, so it was true that I was scared that my past actions would break my dreams. But as each day passes, many accusations towards me became more scary and I wanted to express my position honestly if given the opportunity.”

Kim said, “1. I have never once beaten or abused anyone 2. I have never been forced to transfer 3. I have never drunk or smoked 4. I have never bullied or bullied anyone 5. I was just a regular student.”

She then added, “The rape incident occurred between March and May, Yoo Eun-seo uploaded photos of her friends chatting and wearing another friend’s underwear. I got picked on by Yoo Eunseo thinking that I was helping a victim friend and I started cursing at her. At that time, I couldn’t recognize the difference between the majority and the minority, so I couldn’t make it clear that Yoo Eun-seo’s actions were wrong. I thought it was loyalty to help a friend who was victimized, and I didn’t know the seriousness of our actions because I felt only righteous. Now that I look back, it was very immature and unseasoned.”

Then, Kim Ga-ram said, “At that time, friendship was the most important to me and time with friends was the most enjoyable thing.

In addition, Kim Ga-ram said, “At that time, my ways were wrong and there were many mistakes and clumsy behavior, but I don’t want to hate me back then. My parents often told me not to pretend not to know your friends who need help and are in trouble. I also now and at this moment, the meaning has not changed. I’m going to try harder to make my future bright. Debut was the time I fought for my dream. 2 weeks after debut became a dream moment for me but it will be remembered as a time that I will never forget in my life. I will try and work hard to be a better person and I thank my precious fans for loving and supporting me. I was able to hang on because of your constant support. I’ll do my best. Thank you for reading the long article. 10 August 2022 Kim Garam dream,” she said, expressing her gratitude to the fans.

In addition, on the Instagram of Mr. A, where Kim Ga-ram’s statement was released, a document explaining the outline of the case was also disclosed in the minutes of the Autonomous Committee for Countermeasures against School Violence.

Mr. A, the owner of the Instagram account, also wrote, “This is an overview of the matter at the time. Since Garam does not have a personal SNS account, I uploaded it instead.”

According to this document, it is written that Kim Ga-ram and four female students involved swearing and threatening Yoo Eun-seo because of gossip at a nearby elementary school and social media chat room.

In addition, the document defines Kim Ga-ram as the perpetrator. According to the decision and votes, Kim Ga-ram was given attendance recognition No. 5 special education 6 hours a day, and Kim Ga-ram’s parents were also given 5 hours of special education.

Kim Ga-ram, who had previously debuted as a member of LE SSERAFIM, was pointed out as a perpetrator of school violence during her school days and rose to the brink. Kim Ga-ram‘s side denied the allegation, and HYBE, her agency, claimed that Kim Ga-ram was the victim, further aggravating the controversy.

However, in July, HYBEannounced the termination of Kim Ga-ram‘s exclusive contract. With Kim Ga-ram’s departure, LE SSERAFIM is reorganizing and continuing its activities as a five-member system.



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