Somi In Her Cool Bra Tops Turned The Streets Into Her Own Runway

Singer Somi caught the eye with her trendy fashion sense.

On her ninth day, Somi posted several pictures of her daily life via her own Instagram. Along with this she added a tag ad for the luxury company Prada brand. 

Even her street photos are digested like a pictorial.

Somi showed off a refreshing styling suitable for summer. She added a cool feeling to her all-white outfit with a blue net bag.

While her golden hair exudes a ‘hip’ charm,Somi‘s gorgeous visual also causes admiration.

She also showed the side of her perfect fashionista with her lean body. Somi revealed her height of 172cm and her weight of 46kg last year.

Meanwhile, Somi was active with her first full-length album ‘XOXO‘ in October of last year.



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