Park Min-young Who Suddenly Deleted Her Recent Instagram Post Left Fans With Confusion

Actor Park Min-young posted a selfie on SNS (social network service) and then deleted it abruptly, and attention is focused on the reason.

On August 8th, Park Min-young posted a picture of her on her own Instagram.

In the photo, Park Min-young, who was filming an advertisement, was put in. She showed off her lovely charm in a pink dress with a lot of fur.

In addition to this, she showed off a chic look with a half-tied hairstyle and thick makeup.

Some voices said that it was too different from Park Min-young‘s usual image. In particular,she appeared to have lost a lot of weight, raising concerns about her health.

Perhaps because of this, Park Min-young deleted the photo from her Instagram feed. However, there are still photos of the commercial shooting site posted on the same day on Instagram Stories.

On the other hand, Park Min-young has chosen the tvN drama ‘Mon Wed Fri Tues Thurs Sat’, which is scheduled to be aired in the second half of this year, as her next work.

‘Mon Wed Fri Tues Thurs Sat’ is a romantic comedy, directed by Nam Sung-woo, who also directed ‘Cohabiting with Falling Down’ and ‘Kkondae Intern’.



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