3 Airport Photos Of Park Eun-bin Which Proves That Simplicity Is Beauty

Actress Park Eun-bin showed off a modest yet suitable airport fashion.

Park Eun-bin departed for Bali, Indonesia through Incheon International Airport on August 8th.

The ENA drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, which was a box office hit, is a trip where some of the production crew and the cast members go together, and it is not a reward vacation.  

Park Eun-bin, who arrived at the airport and got off the car, looked like a pure white angel.

She wore a white dress, knitted bag, and red sandals. She waved to the reporters with her characteristic bright smile.

Without expensive luxury goods or fancy accessories, her simple outfit resembles Woo Young Woo in the drama. I didn’t even do the usual nail art or pedicure. 

Park Eun-bin bowed 90 degrees all the way to the airport to greet. 

On the other hand, actor Kang Ki-young was confirmed to have COVID-19 and his participation was canceled. Kang Tae-oh is about to enlist in the military, so he couldn’t go with her. 



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