6 Korean Stars Recognized For Their “Unable-To-Gain-Weight” Body Types

Summer, the holiday season, is a popular time for individuals to begin a diet.

To have a great body for summer, many people combine diet and exercise into their busy daily routines.

However, some celebrities are born with a body type that causes them to lose weight even when they’re standing still. These individuals have the envious “blessed gene.”

Meet the 6 celebrities who do not require a diet because they have “Unable-To-Gain-Weight” bodies.

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

Yoona is an actress and a member of the idol group Girls’ Generation. Since her debut, she has kept her body in good shape.

She doesn’t gain weight no matter how much she eats because she has great proportions and a great body.

Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation said on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” that she was jealous of Yoona because she was happy that she had gained weight.

Hwang Kwanghee

Kwanghee said he weighed 50kg on MBC‘s “Radio Star” in 2018.

On the June 20 episode of MBC‘s “I’m glad we don’t fight,” Kwanghee bragged that after three months of PT, he had gained about 3 kg.

Famous for his “slim body,” he came out of the military with a very thin face, which worried many of his fans.


Sunmi is another star whose body has stayed thin since she first came out.

She also got a lot of attention when she said on Instagram that she worked out last year and gained about 9 kg.

Sunmi said, “thin body is in their family history” at her 2019 comeback showcase.

Sandara Park

Sandara Park is one of the “can’t-gain-weight” stars. She is also known as the “news seat.

Sandara Park has been working out hard and gaining weight. She has been able to keep her microfiber body at 162cm tall and 41kg heavy.

In the meantime, he talked about how hard it was for him to not gain weight and how much he wanted to have a big body.


Wonwoo, a member of the group SEVENTEEN, recently got bigger by working out, but he has always been thin.

The team knew he didn’t eat well, and in 2016 he stopped doing things because of his health.

Many of his female fans “wish” they had his thin legs and waist.

Park Ji-yeon

Jiyeon is the youngest member of the idol group T-ara. She doesn’t gain weight, so she doesn’t go on a diet.

At the production presentation for the 2019 KBS2 drama “Let me hear your song“, Jiyeon admitted that she didn’t gain weight well.

She said that she makes and eats high-calorie tteokbokki while lying down every day after she appeared on tvN‘s “On and Off” in 2020.



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