Red Velvet’s Yeri Indirectly Responds to a Youtuber Accusing Her of Copying BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Red Velvet‘s Yeri got a lot of attention when she made a vague reference to a YouTuber.

On August 4, a YouTuber made and posted a video that shows how Yeri looks like Jennie from BLACKPINK.

The YouTuber said that Yeri acts like Blackpink member Jennie, talking about her body shape and other details.

After that, Yeri indirectly talked about the YouTuber by saying, “I will do whatever I want” in a recent fan community bubble.

She went on, “In fact, it’s kind of sad. People who make money by putting others down in this way,” she said, adding, “Let’s just worry about our own lives. Let’s all get along and be happy “.

The YouTuber mostly posts videos about Korean idols and actors, and he or she also makes and posts content with malicious rumors that haven’t been proven.

Recently, the said YouTuber made and posted a video about Sullyoon of NMIXX, Jang Won Young of IVE, and BTS’ V.



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