Chungha Talks About The Thing She Regrets Most About Her Relationship With Her Mother

Chungha talked about the respect she had for her parents.

Chungha was a guest host on the August 7 episode of “My Little Old Boy” on SBS.

About the good deeds she did for her father, she said, “I really did pay off all of our debts. The house was small, and I also got a new car“.

She went on, “I think this is what I’ve been most happy with lately. I give my mother a song from the album as a present. “

She added, “In the United States, my mother raised me by herself, and I feel bad for her. I have to go to school alone because I have to. My eyes get red when I think about it “.

When Chungha was asked what she regretted doing to her mother the most, she said, “She wouldn’t have thought that dancing and singing would be my job. I had trouble studying in the US, but I told my mother I wanted to dance, so she must have been in a mental breakdown“.



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