BTS’ Jungkook Sends Sweet Gift To Set Of Yeo Jin Goo’s New Movie

Yeo Jin-goo boasted Jungkook‘s coffee truck gift.

On the afternoon of August 7th, actor Yeo Jin-goo posted on his Instagram along with the caption, “Your face, tone, dance line, and cheering are touching“, posted a few photos.

In the published photo, Yeo Jin-goo left the coffee truck he received as a gift as a proof shot. BTSJungkook sent a coffee truck gift for Yeo Jin-goo’s birthday.

Jungkook cheered on Yeo Jin-goo and wrote, “Director, please take care of our Jin-goo” and “Kim Yong.. he’s already cool“.

Also, the holder said, “Your face has an emotion, Jin-goo, do you agree?Yeo Jin-goo boasted of his best friend’s chemistry by pouring out tea that was moved by Jungkook like that.

Meanwhile, Yeo Jin-goo is currently filming the movie “Similar“. He also appeared in the recently ended tvN drama “Link: Eat, Love, Kill“.



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