Lee Hyun Yi Shares A Funny Moments Of Her Getting An Invitation To Appear In “The King of Mask Singer”

Model Lee Hyun Yi shared a funny episode.

She revealed that she was rejected for the first time in ‘The King of Mask Singer’.

Lee Hyun Yi appeared as a guest on the recently aired MBC ‘Radio Star’.

MC Yoo Se Yoon asked Lee Hyun Yi “Have you ever been refused to appear on an entertainment program?” Lee Hyun Yi said, “I was invited to appear in ‘The King of Mask Singer’. I first turned down the casting because of lack of singing skills, but she said, ‘No matter who comes, the vocal teacher will teach you,’ so I decided to appear.”

Lee Hyun Yi, who started vocal lessons like that, said, “I need to know my skills, so they told me to sing a song I usually sing. So I sang Ivy’s ‘Touch Me’,” she said, performing the song himself.

She made a mechanical sound, saying, “Touch, the. the. Ahn Young Mi was bewildered, saying, “I thought she was typing Morse code.”

Lee Hyun Yi said, “The vocal teacher asked me to change the song because it was impossible to judge. This time I sang Kan Mi Yeon’s ‘Paparazzi’. He suggested other songs because these songs didn’t suit me. There were rhyming songs such as IU’s ‘Night Letter‘. I practiced a new song.”

However, Lee Hyun Yi, who was frustrated with her singing skills, said, “One day, the vocal teacher said that I couldn’t contact him. She had a hard time contacting me and she said, ‘I want to take a break. That’s why they said I was the first person to give up on ‘King of Mask Singer,” she said, making everyone laugh. 



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