Kim Jin Woo Will Have A Big Break With First Drama

As a result of checking News 1 on August 5th, Kim Jin Woo will challenge acting in earnest through the new drama ‘Delivery Man’ (Producer Studio Genie).

Delivery Man’ is a drama about a ghost-specialized taxi whose guests are ghosts. It deals with various stories centered on a taxi driver who grants the last wishes of ghosts. It is a new work with colorful content that adds sad drama, thriller, and romance.

Kim Jin Woo takes on the role of Lee Dong Wook in the drama. There are various reversals in the setting of a person with a beauty that beats idols, so it is expected that Kim Jin Woo will be able to see a new side of him.

Kim Jin Woo is expected to challenge acting in earnest through ‘Delivery Man‘ and present a different charm from WINNER in the future.

As a member of WINNER, Kim Jin Woo has been attracting attention for his beautiful tone and extraordinary visuals, so his full-fledged actor activities are already paying attention.

Delivery Man‘ previously reported the appearance of actors Yoon Chan Young and Bang Min Ah. It is being prepared for release within the year.



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