Kim Ji Won Reportedly In Talks To Sign Exclusive Contract With History DNC

Kim Ji Won is expected to find a new agency.

According to a report on Spotify News on the 5th, Kim Ji Won is discussing an exclusive contract with History DNC.

Kim Ji Won’s contract with his former agency, Salt Entertainment, expired in June. Since then, Kim Ji Won, who has been thinking about where to go, is said to be discussing an exclusive contract with History DNC.

History DNC is also the agency of Song Joong Ki, who co-starred with Kim Ji Won in the tvN drama ‘Arthdal ​​Chronicle‘.

In ‘Arthdal ​​Chronicle’, attention is also focused on whether the two people, who have well conveyed the tricky story of the fateful story of heroes in an ancient city with their high-density acting skills, can eat a bowl of rice at the same agency.

Kim Ji Won debuted in a CF in 2010 and performed ‘High Kick! Short-legged counterattack’, ‘The Heirs’, Descendants of the Sun’,Fight for My Way’, and ‘Arthdal ​​Chronicles’.



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