Wonder Girls Yubin Express Her Pressures Of Getting Married Which Everyone Could Relate

Yubin, a former Wonder Girls member, confessed to dating for 6 years.

In her SBS entertainment program ‘Dating is Straight’, which was first aired on August 3rd, Yubin met actors Choi Yeo Jin, Choi Yoon Young, and model Song Hae Na, and shared her own dating experience.

Choi Yeo Jin asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?” and Yubin replied, “I only work, so I don’t think I’ll pay attention to it even if I’m in a relationship.”

To Choi Yeo Jin‘s question, “Is it the style of seeing each other for a long time once we meet?” Yubin replied, “Still, we usually meet for at least two years.”

When Song Hae Na asked, “What was the longest period of time you met?Yubin replied, “6 years,” and she surprised everyone.

Song Hae Na responded, “We’ve known each other for a long time,” and Choi Yeo Jin asked, “Then did you even think about getting married?Yubin replied, ” He even thought about getting married.”

Song Hae Na said, “If you meet for a long time, you will even think about marriage. And since you’re at the age you have to think about marriage, it’s not easy to fall in love.”

She continued, “After dating, my next thought is to get married, but I have to think about marriage and have a relationship, so dating doesn’t go well.” She received sympathy from everyone.

Afterward, Yubin said in an interview with the production team, “My parents ask me, ‘When are you getting married? We also want to see your grandchildren.’ .

About her ideal type, Yubin said, “I want to meet people who have fun when we’re together and who have similar tastes.”

On the other hand, ‘Dating is Straight’ is a romantic getaway in Da Nang, Vietnam for 4 nights and 5 days with Choi Yeo Jin, Song Hae Na, Choi Yoon Young, and Yubin of the SBS soccer entertainment ‘Goal Hitting Girls’.

A single man and woman with a common hobby of ‘football’ are enjoying their hobbies together and looking for a soulmate. It airs every Wednesday at 10:40 pm.



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