Mamamoo’s Hwasa Receives A Thank You Post From Pop Superstar Post Malone

Pop star Post Malone responded to the cover of group Mamamoo’s Hwasa.

Post Malone posted a video on his Facebook on August 4th with the words “Thank you for the wonderful video, Hwasa.” As a foreigner, he is surprised by his non-abstract Korean usage. He even tagged Hwasa’s Instagram account.

The video is a cover of Post Malone’s ‘I Like You’, which Hwasa released on her birthday on the 23rd of July.

In the video, Hwasa showed off her excellent singing ability and digested ‘I Like You’ with her own feeling. The skillful facial expressions and relaxed gestures also draw admiration.

In addition, Hwasa showed off her lean body by matching a brightly printed white jacket and trousers with a sky blue crop top. His cute two-pronged gold ring earrings also added a fashionable feeling.

In response, Hwasa captured and posted Post Malone‘s post on her Instagram. At the same time, he expressed his joy by releasing messages of conversation with someone, such as “Oh my God”, “Is this really Post Malone?”, and “Then I’m holy.

Meanwhile, Post Malone is an American singer-songwriter and hip-hop artist. Hwasa released a collaboration single ‘Somebody‘ with rapper Loco on the 26th of July.



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