Rain Marks His First Special Appearance In A Historical Drama

Singer and actor Rain will make a special appearance in the drama ‘Shoorup‘ and add strength.

As a result of news 1 coverage on the 3rd, Jung Ji-hoon recently confirmed a special appearance in tvN’s new drama ‘Shroop‘ (played by Park Bar-ra / directed by Kim Hyung-sik) and started filming.

Shroop‘ is a drama depicting the struggle of extreme heavy warfare to make princes who are troubled by the troubles of the royal family during the Joseon Dynasty. Actors Kim Hye Sooo, Choi Won Young, and Moon Sang Min will appear.

In particular, this special appearance is even more meaningful because it is Rain‘s first appearance in a historical drama.

Rain, who has shown his passionate performances in modern dramas and modern historical plays, is looking forward to seeing what kind of charm he will show in historical dramas.

In addition, curiosity is growing about what kind of strong impression Rain will make to viewers with his cameo appearance in ‘Shroop‘.



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