Han So Hee Suffers From A Serious Eye Injury While Filming A Scene

Actress Han So Hee suffered an eye injury while filming an action scene.

On August 3, her agency 9 Ato Entertainment told News N, “Han So Hee was injured in her eyes while filming an action scene for the drama ‘Kyungseong Creature’ and was taken to a nearby hospital to receive first aid treatment and is currently resting.”

The possibility of surgery was raised, but he said, “It is a minor injury, not a serious enough injury to require surgery.”

However, it is difficult to return to filming on the same day as she suffered an injury to the face around her sensitive eyes, so she is expected to return to filming immediately after a few days of rest and treatment.

Meanwhile, the drama ‘Gyeongseong Creature‘ is a creature thriller in which two youths, who were all about survival, face a monster born of greed in the spring of 1945 when the darkness of the times was the darkest Is expected.



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