Former EXO Member Luhan Was Spotted Drunk By Paparazzi In The Streets Of China For The 2nd Time Around

The drunken appearance of Chinese idol Luhan from EXO was caught on camera. It’s already the second time.

On August 2nd, local media in China reported on a video of Luhan going out to the street after having a drink with friends.

In the video released by this media, Luhan is in a state of being drunk and unable to control himself. Luhan, wearing a black top and a hat, stumbles drunkenly. Then he falls into the arms of an acquaintance.

This is not the first time Luhan has been photographed by paparazzi while drunk. Back in April, he was also caught drunk by paparazzi.

Luhan, who debuted as an EXO member in 2012, has since left the team and is working as a singer and actor in his native China.

He has been in a public relationship with Chinese ‘national sister’ actor Guan Hyodong since October 2017.



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