Producer Choi Bo Pil Who Had A Good Chemistry With The Members Of ‘Running Man’ Will Officially Leave The Team

Producer Choi Bo Pil, who has been supporting ‘Running Man’ for about two years, is leaving.

On August 2nd, SBS announced through various media that PD Choi Bo Pil was leaving SBS ‘Running Man‘.

He has been in charge of directing ‘Running Man’ since 2020, and will be the last to leave episode 617, which will be aired on August 21st.

As the successor of PD Choi Bo Pil, PD Choi Hyung In, who had previously led ‘Running Man’ with him, was selected.

Previously, Song Ji Hyo posted on her Instagram, “Dear Bo Pil! You’ve worked hard to run with us.”

He also posted a placard that read “Running Man’s best star PD Choi Bo Pil out” and a photo with the name tags of past guests.

When the news of PD Choi Bo Pil’s departure from ‘Running Man’ became known, listeners of the program could not hide their regret.

Running Man’, directed by Choi Bo Pil, won the Best Program Award in the variety category at the ‘SBS Entertainment Awards last year.

Meanwhile, ‘Running Man‘, which first aired in 2010, is one of Korea’s representative variety programs that have been responsible for the public’s Sunday evenings for over 10 years.

Various guests appear every week in the program, performing missions with the panelists and providing pleasure. 



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